Hi there! My name is Eric and I’m a proud dad of two little muses who keep me on my toes (and running on coffee). I’ve had a lifelong passion for art and was fortunate enough to learn from some talented individuals growing up where I developed a keen eye for curation and creation.

I started creating art during the midst of the COVID pandemic as a way to find a creative outlet and escape from the chaos of my own environment. But little did I know, it would soon become my passion and a way for me to express myself.

After extensive research into a video I saw on Twitter in early 2021, I was introduced to AI style transfer. I was instantly hooked.

I started by experimenting with neon-style images, then progressed to Google Colab code and notebooks from the AI community. My work expanded to include various images and visualizations using clip-guided VQ-GAN. From there, it progressed to latent and disco diffusion, in which I consider some of my best and most unique work was done. About a year later, and around the time of writing this, I’m using more stable diffusion/midjourney.

When it comes to my AI art, I take inspiration from the colorful, bold world of neon. 1980’s nostalgia has always been a source of inspiration for me and I try to incorporate a pop of neon in all of my pieces. It’s a fun way to bring a little bit of brightness into the world. You will also notice my love for scifi/fantasy blended into my work. Recently, I have been incorporating a unique stained glass style that instantly caught my attention with the bright glowing colors.

My creative process for making AI art begins with real-world and dream experiences that inspire new visions to express. I start with basic concepts, and use AI tools (such as stable diffusion/midjourney) to bring the vision to life. I then add the desired styling and make any necessary tweaks. Sometimes images are blended. Final post-processing involves increasing resolution and minor adjustments in curves or brightness. The process can vary in length and outcome, with some pieces taking weeks to perfect.

My curiosity and my constant itch to create in this continually evolving AI environment. I love exploring new techniques, styles and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Watercolor. I grew up around a family friend who was a watercolor artist. He taught me the techniques on a weekly basis. He frequently painted sailboats, which is where I get my obsession with sailboats.